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How to integrate Galaxy and Directory search to your Site

posted Jan 31, 2010, 1:34 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Jan 31, 2010, 3:05 AM ]
The Galaxy search engine and the directory search within Galaxy can be called from other places.

CevApps sites, such as this one, have a mecanism to integrate external search into the search box.

How Galaxy and Directory search work

A Galaxy search can be called using the URL, where:
  • n=galaxy_global tells the search appliance to search within Galaxy
  • q=feliway tells the search appliance the search keywords
  • ? is the separator between the search appliance address and the parameters
  • & is the separator between the parameters sent to the search appliance

Identically, searching in the directory is performed using the URL, where:
  • n=galaxy_directory tells the search appliance to search within the Galaxy directory

How to integrate this search to your site

Clcik the  Configure search options...  menu entry within the above search combo-box.

Click on the  Configure search  button to get following screen:

On the Advanced tab, click on  Add Search Provider  and you will get following screen:

  • select the type "Google Search Appliance" in the Type field,
  • into "Google Search Appliance Url", enter the URL for Galaxy search and the link for the directory.
  • enter the "Name" that will appear in the Search box.

How to integrate other external search engine

The tip we just described works for all search engines that use the parameter q=KEYWORD to perform a search.
Just test the website search engine you would like to use performing a search, if it uses q=KEYWORD in the URL given address bar, then just remove this part from the URL and it works.

How to create a custom search on competitors web sites

Google provides a service called Google Custom Search. Such a search may limited to a list of web sites you provide and is then a dedicated search on this websites.

As an example, I created a dedicated search on our Top 9 competitors.

The result is available here :
It is also available through the top search-box within this site (at the moment). To integrate it into your CevApps site, just copy its URL and follow the process I just described, but choose 'Google Custom Search' in the Type field

First go to You should be logged with a Google account to be able to create a CSE.
Enter the list of web sites you want to search on, click on the Next button, test your search engine and that's it.

Copy its URL  to put it into your CevApps site search configuration