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Collaborate to create and share value

posted Feb 24, 2010, 1:30 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 24, 2010, 1:41 PM ]
Roll-out of Google Apps within Ceva is quite finished.

You like it or not, Google Apps is now our system for the coming years. I'm convinced it's going to help us by leveraging collaboration, and collaboration will foster innovation, but this will require some cultural changes to happen.

Collaboration tools such as Google Apps are as game changing as the telex was in days gone by.

Having a participative behavior, promoting knowledge and innovation created by many, harnessing the smallest units of knowledge we have may help us achieve our objectives.
Identifying shared objectives and collective purpose, and promoting coordination rather than strict planning may help us reach our targets.

Just relying on division of responsibility and high accountability, individual autonomy, planning probably make it but is nowadays not enough to grow faster than competitors, to capture competitors market share, to win more and more complex deals with more and more demanding customers.

With collaboration tools and techniques and appropriate behavior, we can connect previously unrelated ideas, we can access unidentified people and expertise, we can detect emerging trends and patterns, we can pool judgments, debate multiple views and coordinate globally.

The Google Apps tools put you in front of your responsibilities by giving you full permissions to publish your work to one or to many, without having to ask for authorization. It is user-generated content rather than expert-controlled science. This may scare you and keep you away from participation.

I remember my first blog post, when I discovered how difficult it is to put down on paper my ideas, knowledge, science and to share it. For sure it was - it still is -far from perfect. But I either have the choice not to publish anything and just to share with collaborators next to me, either to share with the whole company and maybe help someone who is thousands of kilometers from me.

If, like me, you think that collaborative attitude, capturing and sharing knowledge, ideas, values is the right way to go, then start today : take an hour to master CevApps and start sharing!

Don't hesitate to ask me or other colleagues for support. Collaboration is key.