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Create secure folder shares, share your desktop, backup your files on other computers using gbridge

posted Mar 21, 2010, 6:06 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 21, 2011, 6:14 AM ]
Gbridge is a start-up technology (= I don't know how long it will last) that installs on one's PC (= requires admin rights) and that creates a VPN between computers. These computers can be several computers you own or can be computers of your colleagues.

Gbridge uses CevApps authentication, finds your contacts and allows you to grant permissions to your contacts to a particular file folder you have on your computer.

To do this, Gbridge installs a new virtual network, which is the GBridge network, and which is limited to the ones with who you share things.

To share your desktop with one 'friend''s computer, either you initiate a chat with them (CevApps chat) within Gbridge interface either you right-click on a friend in the list and choose "Access my Gbridge DesktopShare".

This technology illustrate how difficult it is to secure networks. One's may think that because there is an enterprise firewall, all computers within the enterprise network are protected. Gbridge allows to create a bridge between a computer on any network to a computer on any other network with only one hypothesis : both connect to the Internet. Gbridge goes through firewalls, securely, and firewalls can't even watch the traffic content : it is encrypted. This makes the technology very secure as well as it is a headache for our security and network responsible (Nicolas Pradier). It also helps me to demonstrate the importance of securing any application server rather than trying to secure the network.