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Whiteboard Collaboratively With CevApps Drawings

posted May 4, 2010, 11:03 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated May 4, 2010, 11:21 PM ]

Google Drawings is the newest app added to Google docs. This stand-alone editor in Google Docs lets you create charts, diagrams, designs and other schematics - perfect if you're working on visualizing a project timeline or even mind-mapping an idea.

To access Google Drawings, from CevApps mail, click "Documents". Then click "Create new" and choose "Drawing" from the drop-down menu to begin your work.

A few other highlights: You can edit your drawings in real time with anyone you choose by selecting "Share" and inviting people. You can also chat with others who are editing your drawing, from within the drawings editor. These two features will be rolled out fully by next month; right now you can opt in to its "preview" by visiting your Docs settings page, choosing the "Editing tab" and clicking "Create new text documents using the latest version of the document editor." Also, the drawings editor supports alignment guides, snap to grid and publishing drawings as images.

However, if you are a regular user of Google Docs, you may switch back to current editor waiting for the full release as their are some drawbacks in the new version (no more table of content in the Docs for instance).

Results looks like following drawing :