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5 ways to start digital collaboration within Ceva and beyond

posted Nov 4, 2010, 11:44 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 21, 2011, 3:06 PM ]
Collaborate wih clients using CevApps Sites. If you have to regularly share images, brochures, or documents with clients such as Internet resellers, you can create a CevApps Sites and share it with users not having a address. It is easy to set-up a number of pages including file cabinets in which you can upload marketing material. Read more here.
  1. Follow-up a group task list using a shared CevApps Spreadsheet. If you work with people who are not physically in your office, you need to find a way to share in real time the status of the work to be done, especially when there are depencies between tasks and team members. You can create a CevApps spreadsheet from and then share it with your colleagues. Read more here.
  2. Manage meetings across time-zones using CevApps Calendar. If you regularly work with colleagues that are not in the same time zone, scheduling a meeting may be tricky. However we have got all the features to do this properly.
    1. Set-up your working hours. These are hours when CevApps will consider availability. If both attendees with different time zones did it, then only the intersection of worked hours will be available for scheduling a meeting. Read more here.
    2. Add the time of an additional time-zone hours parallel to its time zone. You also can swap time zones when travelling. Read more here.
    3. Enable the world clock gadget in the calendar labs, accessible when you click on the small pipette. Read more here.
  3. Create an internal eLearning site using CevApps Sites and CevApps Video. If you need to widely spread information, knowledge, know-how about a complex subject, sending a powerpoint is generally not enough. Travelling to all zones to perform face to face training ends up being very expensive and long. You may find more convenient to set-up a CevApps Site with rich content embedded, such as CevApps presentations or CevApps videos. Read more here.
  4. Create a CevApps Group to set-up an expert community forum. If you want to have a 'forum like' feature, on which your community (it could be Poultry Biology or Lean Manufacturing) wants to share ideas, send questions to a group to get the best answer, inform quickly about news, you will find CevApps Group very convinient. It allows you to register as many members as you want, to initiate conversations, to search a web archive about older subjects.
  5. Use CevApps video chat to have a one-to-one videoconference experience. If you plan to travel just for a 2 hours meeting with one or 2, if you have to perform a remote interview, then use CevApps video chat. All you need is a webcam both sides and a CevApps account. Read more here.


All CevApps services are self-service and do not require prior authorization to be used. The policy is to let people set-up and manage themselves these tools. They are secure and most tools have full change history tracking.