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Galaxy 2.0 is launched

posted Jan 20, 2011, 2:11 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 21, 2011, 2:55 PM ]
I'm proud to say that Galaxy 2.0 has been launched, and it's a very good move.

The team who did it (Vincent and CleverAge for IT, the Communication Department as a client and sponsor), while keeping the mindset of the first version, introduced a number of innovations that I like :
  • One click login, with CevApps authentication integration. If you are already logged with CevApps, just click the button : Login with CevApps.
  • Simpler, cleaner interface. Less things on the screen. More space for the main article
  • One click. The "One click" menu to access level 2 and 3 of navigation make it much easier to find the right section. I'm sure many will discover new content in Galaxy
  • Better access to search :
    • directory search now the default search engine,
    • always on top bar including search bar.
  • Better presentation of search results from directory, and new features :
    • Related Information extends your search to the people having similar job category, same boss, same location. It may give you more results than the initial search
    • Refine your search, in the other hand, should give you less, more precise, results, by targeting people in the result list from a given site, with a given job category, or having a given hierarchical manager.
  • Ceva Tools is completely redesigned :
    • It now allows you to create the short list of apps that will appear in the "One click menu".
    • The indication of the browsers that works well with the application. You should know that the target I defined is to make most applications compatible with major browsers (IE, Firefox, Chrome) and accessible from any device.
  • If you are not logged, but if you click on a link, such as the one from the newsletter, then after login (entering credentials), you are redirected to the page you initially asked. This was not the case before.

There are still some improvements to do and some little fixes in progress. I'm happy to receive your comments.