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Translate everything with CevApps

posted Feb 7, 2011, 11:06 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 21, 2011, 3:03 PM ]
Many tools are available in Google Apps so that you can translate content from another language into your language, this with more than 40 languages.
  • You can translate email directly from the mail interface. Find the way to set-it up on Gmail help.
  • You can add virtual translators to your chats, robots that translate a chat from/to the recipients. You enter your sentence in your language and the robot translate it into the target language. The robots are called translation bots.
  • Google sites, such as this one, generally have got a 'Translate' option. (51 languages)
  • The web site helps you translating any language to any language.
  • In Google Docs, in a text document, you can call Tools > Translate document, either to create a translated document, either to replace the current content with the translation. Help can be found on Google Docs help.
  • Into Google Spreadsheet, the function =GoogleTranslate() can translate the content of a cell. Help here.
  • Firefox and Chrome can benefit plugins to translate any page you browse.
As you can see, many options are available to comminicate with peers in Ceva even not talking the same language.
Translation is not always perfect, and is better when we use a good written language rather than quick and dirty text style.
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