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Cloud-Washing : a marketing concept

posted Feb 23, 2011, 10:13 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Feb 23, 2011, 10:36 AM ]
If you don't have the product, but still want to follow the trend a new product has created, just copy the name and the clients will think you bring similar benefits. Some call that Marketing.

The current big trend in IT is Cloud Computing. A revolution in IT we can compare - in a simplistic way - to Electricity revolution.

There is no more need to build your own power conversion unit next to your factory, you can just buy electricity. It will come through wires. No more capital expenditure to set-up your own power production plant, no more maintenance, ability to get twice more for a given period of time and to pay only for what you use.

Cloud Computing is very similar. Stop buying software, servers to host them, consulting to install them, air climate control to freshen the servers, stop hiring people to take care of the servers and of the software, just rent access to the software.
As a consequence, you will always use the latest and best version of the software, without having to upgrade. You will pay for what you use, not for what you could have used, you will be able to stop and switch to competition, you will pay the market price for the service, and not an obscure price etc...

That's what we do with Google Apps or Intuit Quickbase. Thanks to Internet technologies.

But now many vendors have got a problem. How are they going to sell their licenses, their servers, their infrastructure ? Moreover, the business model of Cloud Computing make the efficiency much better, as ressources are shared.
Servers usage is maximized by providers, such as our Electricity provider sells electricity to others when we don't need it.
Then the need should decrease.

They found a simple solution. Cloud Washing. Just try to convince the world that their old solutions are now "Cloud"-like.

They invented new concepts :
  • Public Cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud
Public cloud is shared by all clients. It is real Cloud computing.
Private cloud is just for me. It is old concept with a new packaging. It is lies.
Hybrid cloud is half dedicated, half shared. It is an old concept that is slowly evolving to a new concept. It is lies.

This is all bullshit. And it is easy to recognize the old and the new : pricing is different.
The new model should cost less. Much less.