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Bring Your Own Technology

posted Apr 1, 2011, 2:25 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Apr 1, 2011, 3:04 AM ]
From June, IT is changing the policy regarding desktops. As you know, I want to be always early adopter of new technology benefits. Today, the legal framework let us propose an innovative deal.

Instead of renewing the computers (laptops, desktops), users will be able to opt for another option : "Bring Your Own Device" at work. Employees opting for this option will receive a monthly amount (limits are set-up by local laws, as an example, the French Finance Department authorizes up to 50 Euros per month). They will be fully responsible for their laptops : managing the laptop, installing the required software (compatible with Ceva documents interchange formats .xls .doc .ppt) on it, solving their problems themselves.

They also will have full choice for the brand and model of the desktop.

This model as been already adopted by many companies and is also know as "BYOT". Check Google. Ceva is embracing this new model as a result of the IT Strategy.

A couple of things are driving this change :
  • Consumerization of IT : there is no one day without someone asking me when I will replace the Blackberries by iPhones or Android phones, give thiner laptops, give larger laptops, etc... I'm myself regularly using personal tools to perform my work.
  • Cloud Computing : most applications do not require installation on the computer : Google Apps, JD Edwards, Business Intelligence, BO Financial, Quickbase, Galaxy etc... work within a browser
Moreover, this would reduce the cost of desktops while increasing user satisfaction.

Tell me what would be your position for this new policy filling the following form. (click here). Do you prefer the new Deal or the new Dell ?
Please forward to colleagues ;-)