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Bring Your Own Technology - part 2 - April's fool - Have you been caught ?

posted Apr 2, 2011, 11:35 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Apr 6, 2011, 9:21 PM ]
Some of you have been caught. My article "Bring Your Own Technology" was, as many have noticed, an April's Fish. It looks like this was a too serious one.
By the way, I like the idea. There is something behind.

In the 90's, you could have been in serious trouble if you were caught using personal computer to do your work. Since the arrival of Internet, people have been used to access the work IT systems from a laptop with a VPN.
With new tools such as Google Mail or Quickbase or Galaxy, it's even easier as you don't need a VPN. People can access IT systems with any computer connected to the Internet. At this time, the other Ceva applications, even the one you access to from a browser, are not accessible from the Internet. You have to be in the Intranet (= in the office or using a VPN).

This is something we will change in 2011 by giving access to other systems from the Internet. IT is working hard on making this happen. It requires to secure more the servers, which will be done using the "Certificates" technology.

If you have your personal certificate on the device, then the device will be authorized to access the application. Only Ceva employees will get certificates. They will be able to install the certificate on their Ceva PC, on their smartphone or iPad or personal PC if they want to.

Once your device will be "trusted" (= the certificate is on it), it will be able to access from any Internet connection, securely, without the need for a VPN. You still will have to enter your login/password.

A tool which address is currently is only accessible from the Intranet or by VPN. When IT will make it available from the Internet, the domain name will be instead of