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Google Docs is becoming a viable alternative to Microsoft Office

posted Apr 28, 2011, 8:16 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Apr 29, 2011, 8:33 AM ]
As Google upgrades continuously its Google Docs products, I now don't miss a lot Microsoft Office.

I still need both, but little by little I spend less time in Office and more time in our CevApps Google Docs.
In the future, if things continue at this speed, we will keep only Microsoft Excel from Microsoft and use the Google Docs for all other needs.

Google Documents, similar to Word documents, allow parallel real-time editing. The new "comments system" is great and allows real collaboration on content. The new revision system gives a full control of all modifications. Header, pagination, ruler, email as an attachment or pasting the document in the email, insert Google Drawings or images from your computer or from the web... All is easy and powerful. My only feature request is offline editing 
Google Spreadsheets, similar to Excel documents, have all the built-in functions of Excel and also allow realtime editing and sharing. The only features I miss is pivot tables and offline editing. 
Google Drawings are perfect. All kind of diagrams and drawings can be done and shared easily. I generally integrate these drawings into other Google Docs or in Sites. I can then update the drawing without having to re-integrate it on the site.
Google Presentations are still not perfect. Uploading documents prepared on Microsoft Powerpoint is still the best option. When it comes to a presentation in the room, download the presentation first, if not you could be in trouble. I miss an editor that is much more similar to SlideRocket than to what it is now. 
The new Google Docs list, similar to Microsoft Explorer on your documents, allows to focus on the documents that were recently updated. This is a sort of notification of new information I should know of when the document has been updated by someone else. The search is powerful and putting documents into folders is mainly useful to make the document inherit from folder sharing settings. 
I've bought for 6$ one year of 20 GB upgrade to my Google Docs non google documents and files. The new 'upload folder' feature allowed me to upload all the documents that were previously only on my PC. I now can access to them from an iPad or smartphone. I plan not to use my hard drive for storing documents and files I want to keep anymore. My hard drive will be just a cache.