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Plenty of new features for digital collaboration

posted Jul 20, 2011, 1:59 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Jul 20, 2011, 2:16 PM ]
Collaboration tools are better and better with plenty of new features rolled out these last days:
  • Gmail
    • Gmail people gadget : you will find information on people recipients or sender of an email on the right column next to an email. From it you can access phone numbers (if they are stored in the contact), email, chat, see older emails
    • Return receipt. You don't need to use Outlook anymore to get return receipts. Just Compose a new email and click the link 'Request return receipt', click the checkbox and when recipients will read your email, they will be proposed to confirm that they read it. COnvenient for layers, regulatory or buyers.
    • Cleaner gmail interface. See the difference on buttons or footer
    • Paste image directly in a new email on Google Chrome. Use the right screen capture tool (not all work well with it, for instance Screencapture does not. I personnally use Greenshot or native print screen from Windows)
    • Preview of ZIP and RAR files directly in a browser. DOn't download if you don't need to. You can view a ZIP attachment into a web page and view included files in other web pages if they are part of the 15 file types that can be viewed online
  • Calendar
    • Better printing of your calendar. More options. I don't print, but some like to have offline calendars.
  • GDocs
    • Pivot tables in spreadsheets. No comment
    • PPTX import into Google Docs.
  • Sites
    • Render a Google Site for mobile reading. The CIO's blog uses now this option that let you read it on an iPhone or Android nicely
I'm eager to see a number of new features that should arrive soon:
  • Offline gmail. Back to a normal situation. Offline calendar
  • Offline GDocs. Should arrive this summer.
  • Google+ integration into Google Apps. Nobody knows when it will occur, but it will bring us quite interesting collaboration features. Such as Hangouts which are up to 5 people video chats
  • More to come...