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Cloud Computing at Ceva : 3 new logos

posted Oct 8, 2015, 11:02 PM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Oct 8, 2015, 11:06 PM ]
I'm happy to announce 3 new logos in Ceva world of Cloud Computing applications :

AODOCS is a Document Management solution built on top of Google Drive.
With AODocs, Ceva can combine the benefits of Google Drive and of professional grade Document Management solutions.

Indeed Google Drive is accessible anywhere, from any device - Windows/Mac OS/iOS/Android, allows real time collaboration with Google Docs/Sheets/Slides, simplify management of unstructured documentation with a  single version of a file with sharing instead of files.

And AODocs adds a large set of features :
  • Secured Enteprise file folders : Google Drive files are "owned" and "managed" by a central account instead of an individual Google Drive user. AODocs authorize only the library/folder administrator to make changes in the folder structure or to delete files. Users continue to work in the Google Drive UI while AODocs manage it in the background.
  • Team Folders : keep the flexibility of Google Drive collaboration, anyone who has access to the folders can modify, move, delete the files, but the ownership of the file is transfered to Ceva for each file and folder in the library. Users continue to work in the Google Drive UI while AODocs manage it in the background.
  • Document Management : AODocs has a dedicated User Interface similar to manay Document Management solutions. Workflows, meta data, multiple attachments, views, filters, search, document classes and relations between documents are some of the features of the DMS.
We use the 3 library models depending on the use cases.
AODocs is a Californian / French company. Visit their web site for more details.

Thanks to AODocs and Google Drive for Work (unlimited storage, Vault w/ discovery), IT has a much better control over the files than before and we gradually move all small Windows file servers to AODocs/Google Drive.
AODocs is live since January 2015 at Ceva. I created with NY Times (another AODocs client) a User Group on Google+ with their major clients.
Concur is a Travel to Reimburse solution. It has a bunch of tools which help the travellers at every step of a travel.
  • Online Booking of the trip : a portal to create a trip and book tickets, reserve hotels
  • Trip validation workflow, allowing the traveler to get approval from hierarchy
  • Assistance during the trip. Concur acquired tripit years ago. tripit technology is seen by the user as an app on its smartphone with all information related to the trip and also alerts (airline delays for instance)
  • Expense report, which combines the trip information and an interface with the bank (corporate cards), to make expense reports an easy thing.
Concur has a bunch of mobile apps for trip approval, for expense reports (report, approval) and for assistance to traveler. Ceva I.S. is even more mobile thanks to the addition of these apps.

Concur has been acquired by SAP and is now a German company, coming from USA.. Visit their web site for more details.
At Ceva, we expect a "go live" in the following month, early 2016, for France and USA first. Other countries to follow.
Coupa is a Procure to Pay solution. At least for the modules Ceva has subscribed to.
Think of it as "Amazon inside" the company.

Users enter their need in a search box, create their basket, ask for approval, Coupa manages the rest : send a PO to the supplier and to the ERP.

Purchasing department expects huge benefits thanks to a combined implementation of the tool and their work on each category of spendings we have at Ceva.
For users Coupa brings :
  • Access to a catalog of the products they can buy. Sometimes Coupa is integraed with the supplier online catalog and navigation
  • Creation of the "basket" of products
  • Approval workflow
  • Purchase Order sent to supplier and to ERP
  • Reception of the goods sent to ERP as well
For Purchasing department, Coupa brings business intelligence and ability to focus their effort on the right spending categories. It is also a way to prove to suppliers that users are buying according to the contracts and negociation terms.
Coupa has a mobile app for purchase approval. Ceva I.S. is even more mobile than ks to Coupa

Coupa is a Californian company. Visit their web site for more details.

At Ceva, we expect a go live in France in February 2016 and in USA in March. Other countries to come later (Brazil is already in the plans)