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Welcome People Cloud at Ceva

posted Jul 23, 2014, 4:58 AM by Francois Tricot   [ updated Jul 23, 2014, 4:59 AM ]
We are now in 2014 and have started our journey beyond the cloud 6 years ago.

We are now rolling out Cornerstone Ondemand to 100% managers first, on a project we named People Cloud. We focus first on recruitment authorization, then on performance management, and will finally use the compensation management modules. We may also use the learning management modules later.

People Cloud follows other cloud tools that are successful in Ceva : Quickbase (database as a service - since 2008) is now used by 2/3 of Ceva employees with more than 100 apps. Google Apps (collaboration - since 2009) to 100% employees, Smartsheet (project management - since 2012) to 1/3 of Ceva employees, Cegedim Smart RH (Payroll and time management - since 2012) to 100% French employees, VanguardSW Forecast Server  (sales forecast - since 2013) to all Ceva countries.
It also increase the number of apps that works on mobile device for Ceva employees. Android and iOS. We have many native apps and apps working on mobile browsers.

Cornerstone ON DEMAND is one of the last tool still independant (= not acquired by SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, IBM or other big players). It is a specialist tool.

I'm not going to elaborate on its features. As its competitors, it offers solutions to support HR processes.

On the technical side, it has many features that are very important to make it a success in the enterprise :
  • It works in any browser
  • It does not require browser plug-ins such as Java, ActiveX or Silverlight. Even for org charts.
  • It has companion mobile tools on Android and on iOS, these being very convenient for workflows (authorization processes) which generally involve top managers always on the move and reluctant to conenct to a computer for these tasks

As a consequence, people at Ceva can use their browser of choice for People Cloud, or their mobile device.