Ceva makes intensive use of Cloud technologies, on any layer of the IT architecture. But more important, we define our IT as being "Beyond the Cloud", as we apply to all Ceva software assets some of the Cloud software principles, mainly about their accessibility on any device from any network. 

The main driver is : give access to all applications of the Information System through any browser without the need for a VPN. Like for any app on the Internet, our business applications are all "public" (they require authentication), and users can use pretty much any device to access them.

SaaS at Ceva

Cloud software is an industrial revolution. One of the best benefit for IT is that it is always up-to-date. Lastest version. At Ceva, we intensively use Cloud software, such as G Suite (collaboration and office suite), Kyriba (cash management) or Cornerstone on Demand (HR - internal name peoplecloud), from large suppliers such as Google, or from innovative players such as Sciforma, Smartsheet, AssuredPV (Ennov), Tidemark (Longview).

Users can access these software from pretty much all devices. Professional devices, personal devices, mobile devices.

https://www.google.com/apps   http://www.smartsheet.com      Cornerstone OnDemand      Cash Management Kyriba
Cegedim SRH   Manage Engine   http://www.vanguardsw.com/      

PaaS at Ceva

Plaftforms allow to quickly build new applications. Ceva has 200+ apps that were built in a matter of days or weeks using platforms. The 5 platforms we use daily are G Suite - all tighed up with some scripting, Quickbase - for more serious online databases such as CRM, AODocs - for Document centric applications, Microstrategy - for business intelligence, and Outsystems - for mobility.

http://www.quickbase.com/  https://www.google.com/apps AODocs      

IaaS at Ceva

When there is no software that does it on the cloud, we have to host software we build or software we buy on servers. We are using the biggest IaaS providers on the marketplace to host our web sites for marketing and communication, for  some intranet features. For our ERP, we have selected a datacenter supplier (Cheops Technology) who also provides services on the JD Edwards platform, and have a half shared / half dedicated infrastructure.

http://aws.amazon.com/ec2/     http://www.cheops.fr/   https://cloud.google.com/appengine/

Beyond the cloud

Cloud or not, users don't see the difference. They get the same benefits for all Ceva applications (pretty much all) : mobile, accessible, open.
No constraint.
Ceva believes the Internet and Mobility are reshaping completely Enterprise IT. Consumerization of IT is a trend nobody will escape. BYOD is already in, even in companies baning it.

Moreover, applying the same architectural principles to what made the Internet so successful and so cheap has the same effect on the enterprise.

For this reason, Ceva's IT is very similar to a consumer's IT : accessible from any Internet browser, on a PC, a Mac, an Android or iOS tablet or phone.

It's not only email, it's everything : ERP, Supply Chain, Industrial, R&D, HR, Finance, Sales, Marketing..

To achieve this,  Ceva Santé Animale's IT is using the Public Cloud (Google Apps, Amazon EC2, Intuit Quickbase, Smartsheet, Cornerstone Ondemand, Kyriba, VanguardSW, Cegedim SmartRH), the Private Cloud (Cheops Technology), and Infrastructure as a Service with virtualization in our datacenter. We also promote BYOD policies and let people access all Ceva applications (including legacy) from any device.

We call this "Beyond the Cloud". Indeed, all applications are accessible without VPN, on any device, without any software except a browser.
We let employees choose the browser of their choice and use their personal devices to access Ceva's IT.

We use about 15 SaaS main services, mainly 2 PaaS services on which we built more than 100 applications, and some IaaS platforms on which we host about 200 applications & web sites.

Ceva's IT works with any device and any network

Most companies define hardware and software standards for their desktops. And provide a company network, which is either an expensive rented network such as MPLS, or a bunch of VPN and firewalls they manage themselves to create a large "safe" perimeter. We chose not to do so, as not only it reduces dramatically the mobility of workers, but also it is proven less secure than it should be, as the bigger the company is, the more difficult it becomes to protect the perimeter.

We also makes no assumption on the access device. Indeed, the PC era is maybe finished, and Windows is now an OS among others. iOS, Android, Chrome OS...

Visit http://appstore.ceva.com for an overview of our applications and http://appstore.ceva.com/cloud for the one involving Cloud technology at SaaS/PaaS or IaaS level

 Our Cloud Providers

Our Legacy Systems on the Internet 

  • Google Apps
  • Intuit Quickbase
  • Cheops Technology (on demand cloud computing)
  • Amazon WS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Smarsheet
  • Ennov Pharmacovigilance
  • Cornerstone ondemand
  • Cegdim
  • VanguardSW
  • Kyriba
  • Manage Engine
  • AODocs
  • Concur
  • Coupa
  • Microstrategy
  • Assured
  • Sciforma
  • Oracle JD Edwards
  • Ennov EDMS
  • Ennov Clinsight
  • (Oracle) Sun Identity Management
  • vdoc
  • Augeo
  • BO Financial
  • Oracle User Productivity Kit
  • EZ-Publish
  • Exalead Search & Mash-up
  • n-Skep Distribution Planning

Dear Suppliers,

Ceva Santé Animale sometimes buys some IT services and software. Reading the following will help you (as a potential supplier) see if your offers match our needs.

We definitely want to build the most evolved IT system in the world.

As well as your bank or government does not impose a desktop to access its services, and eventually proposes multiple possibilities, Ceva employees can access Ceva Information System from their personal iPhone, iPad, Mac, from their personal Android smartphone, tablet or Chromebook, from their personal Windows phone, tablet or PC. From a shared computer in a public place. From their Ceva device(s). From any internet connection. (Almost) without any pre-requisite. No VPN is required. No software install is required. Don't need to have administration rights on your machine.

Ceva software is hosted in our private datacenter or in suppliers datacenters or on the Cloud. It does not matter as soon as it is accessible from the Internet.

On top of usual IT Strategies (getting alignment between business and IT systems, keeping the Information System secure, available and reliable...), we weight much more compliance to the IT architecture strategy.

There is a common belief (and mistake) that IT in the enterprise should be different and more complex than IT at home. This leads to reinventing the wheel and paying the cost for it. Many companies build and roll-out the "Company PC" accessing the "Company applications" through the "Company Network". At Ceva, we do exactly the opposite : any device connected to any network can access Ceva apps and Cloud apps, independently from where servers are physically hosted.

In one word, the Ceva IT architecture strategy is to be compliant with the Internet architecture and to use it.

In other words : Any Device, Any Network, Any Application

If you are a software vendor, your software MUST have the following technical features to be fully compliant with Ceva IT strategy :
  • Internet only : we choose solutions that are compliant to Internet Standards and that we can access to with a browser
    • Means HTML/CSS/Javascript only
    • Means no (Rich) Client/Server, no Citrix or Terminal Server, no ActiveX, no Java applet, no flash (we can discuss this one), no install on the desktop
    • Means it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari
  • Do It Yourself : we endorse solution that let users perform most of the management and customization
    • Means that IT can delegates to super users some administration
    • Means that empowered super users can manage themselves plenty of things such as authorizations, sharing, some configuration, creation of objects (a report, a team space...)
On top of the benefits for users and for Ceva IT, these systems are also often less expensive globally for Ceva IT.

Ceva other web technologies
They are accessible from the cloud, without VPN, even if hosted, and work on IE, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, iOS&Android tablets or phones
  • ERP : JD Edwards, from Oracle
  • Business Intelligence : Microstrategy
  • Web : Ez-Publish
  • Document Management System : Ennov DMS and Dossier
  • Business Process : Vdoc
Some restrictions
  • Financial consolidation : SAP BFC (formerly Magnitude or Cartesis or BO Finance) - (IE only, not mobile, but accessible from the cloud for subsidiaries)
  • LIMS : Watson (Client-Server, not accessible from the Cloud)
  • Several tools work only partially on Firefox or Chrome, such as JD Edwards.
Some of our back-office technologies
  • Database : Oracle
  • Operating Systems : Windows Servers
  • Virtualization : VM-Ware
  • Archiving & Back-up : Tina
Our desktops are not from a given brand and not with a single OS : Commoditization : Windows any version, Office any version, some Mac, iPad, Android tablets, iPhones, Android Smartphones, Blackberry, Windows mobile. We also have some Chromebook and Chromebox for meetings.

As soon as the device has a modern browser, it works in Ceva. Using personal devices is authorized.


  • Cheops Technology - Hosting, Disaster Recovery and Technical Services on JD Edwards
  • We virtualized quite all servers using VM-Ware, making infrastructure provisionning fast, cheap and easy, and reducing dramatically the number of physical servers
  • Amazon EC2 is where we host our intranet and internet services
  • Google Cloud is used now in combination of Amazon EC2. We use Google Cloud processing power to convert videos.